The Brand

A 90 Year History

The Rediffusion® brand is known and recognised by tens of Millions of people worldwide for innovation, quality and success.

We offer a flexible licensing approach allowing you to control and manage the brand across a range of products/categorises with an objective to develop business partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Broadcast Relay Service Limited (BRS) – later renamed Rediffusion® – began to relay radio shows to subscribers in South East England

Spotify of 1920s

BRS creates Rediffusion® to re-broadcast audio & TV signals via a wired network for improved quality and clarity

Cable TV is born

Rediffusion starts to manufacture television sets, renting them to its customers specifically for use on the Rediffusion® network The first closed content & device network

The first closed content & device network

Created the first UK commercial TV channel under the Associated – Rediffusion name

Commercial TV pioneer

Rediffusion® becomes the first TV station and cable subscription TV channel in Hong Kong


Rediffusion® part of the consortium responsible for creative Thames Television

A pioneer in commercial TV franchising

Rediffusion® Computers started the production of analogue computers to control flight simulators


Rediffusion® Computers designed, manufactured, sold, installed and maintained online shopping systems

The first e-commerce platforms

Rediffusion® has an impressive pedigree and a 90 year history in the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, Malta, Canada, Jersey and the Caribbean as examples.

A retro brand

A sense of nostalgia in consumers

Nostalgia is an effective marketing strategy in an over-digitised society. Today’s desensitised consumer appreciates the warm, wholesome tone of ads that are reminiscent of simpler times.

Rediffusion® already has strong brand value, customer recognition and acceptance.

We are giving you an opportunity to licence this iconic and famous Brand for the UK & China market (additional country options are available).

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