The Benefits

The benefits and opportunities of licensing the Rediffusion brand

The United Kingdom (UK) Consumer Electronics market, the largest in Europe, is currently worth over $22 billion in annual sales.

The worldwide consumer electronics market is worth over $300 billion in annual sales. The latest forecast indicates that from 2016-26, the market will be worth over $3 trillion.

The Rediffusion® brand is known and recognised by tens of millions of people worldwide for innovation, quality and success. We offer a flexible licensing approach allowing you to control and manage the brand in your territory.

Our objective is to develop business partnership which are mutually beneficial.

Over 30,000 consumer electronic products are launched every year!

Would you like to overcome entry barriers into new markets?

A sense of nostalgia in consumers

How could the Rediffusion® brand help you?
  • Gain brand awareness from over 90 years of marketing.
  • Brand values will accelerate your expansion
  • A Consumer Electrical brand will provide quality assurance to customers.
  • Opportunity to use one brand across a family of different products, SKUs and categories. For example; SMART home devices, Computers, SD Appliances, Televisions & Radios
  • Rediffusion has active social media & PR campaigns promoting the brand.

The Rediffusion® brand is known and recognised by Tens of millions of people in the UK, plus, in the countries listed below.

Rediffusion® has an impressive pedigree and an excellent history that spans over 90 years in countries such as the UK, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean.

The Rediffusion® trademark is also available for other countries.

Sample Business Partners

“Brands earn trust by being authentic, and by being seen to be authentic.”

Robert Wolcott, Executive Director of the Kellogg Innovation Network

Retro branding instils a sense of nostalgia in consumers

Nostalgia is an effective marketing strategy in an over-digitised society. Today’s desensitised consumer appreciates the warm, wholesome tone of a brand reminiscent of simpler times.

Rediffusion already has strong brand value, customer recognition and acceptance.

We are giving you an opportunity to licence this iconic and famous Brand.
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No need to build a brand from scratch

Rediffusion® already has a strong brand value, customer recognition and acceptance with a great history and an engaging story for consumers.

Companies that utilise retro branding can establish recognition much more easily by appearing experienced and good-natured.

There is a growing trend towards retro branding trademarks, with brands like Nokia, Star Wars, VW Beetle, BMW Mini, Harley Davison, Ferguson, Nintendo, Kodak, and Polaroid. These businesses have benefited from licensing their brands to consumer manufacturers by generating additional revenue as successful branded consumer products often are associated with historic quality and reliability.

Consumers have welcomed relaunched heritage brands with modern features, appealing to both young and mature segments. The Rediffusion brand is perfectly positioned to appeal to today’s consumers as it’s associated with innovative, high quality consumer products and services.

A social media engagement campaign highlighting these features appealing to older & younger generations is a proven way to create awareness for retro brands.

A global trend towards retro brands

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