The benefits of licensing the Rediffusion brand…

The worldwide consumer electronics market is worth over $300 billion in annual sales. The latest forecast indicates that from 2016-26, the market will be worth over $3 trillion.

The United Kingdom (UK) Consumer Electronics market, the largest in Europe, is currently worth in excess of $22 billion in annual sales.

Over 30,000 consumer electronic products are launched every year!

Would you like to overcome entry barriers into new markets?

Branding your products can break down barriers, reduce risk factors and help increase your success rate.

A consumer electronics brand will enable your company to increase the visibility of your products in the market and to increase market share.

How could the Rediffusion brand help you?

  • Trademark Brand for classes 9, 11 & 42
  • The brand will help increase profitability
  • Gain brand awareness from over 60 years of marketing.
  • Brand values will accelerate your expansion
  • A CE brand will provide quality assurance to customers.

Rediffusion has an impressive pedigree and an excellent history that spans over 60 years in countries such as the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Caribbean.

The Rediffusion trademark could also be made available for the countries above and others.

Cooker and washing machine

Retro branding instills a sense of nostalgia in consumers

Nostalgia is an effective marketing strategy in an over-digitised society. Today’s desensitised consumer appreciates the warm, wholesome tone of ads that are reminiscent of simpler times.

The internet allows campaigns to bring back products from the past.

Each new generation discovers something it wants to rediscover and reinvent from the previous generation.

The Rediffusion trademark brand has a global 90 year heritage of innovation, and a great story in consumer electronics, broadcasting, home entertainment systems and appliances.

No need to build a brand from scratch

Rediffusion already has a strong brand value, customer recognition and acceptance. Rediffusion has great history and an engaging story for consumers.

We are giving you an opportunity to licence this iconic and famous Trademark/Brand for the UK & China market (additional country options are available).

Marketing, Social Media & Channel Partner Support

‘British’ brands such as Rediffusion are increasingly viewed as reliable and reputable status symbols throughout the world.

We can provide full marketing support for your Rediffusion branded products by creating a presence on the most popular social media platforms including:













71% of consumers who have had interactions with brands online are likely to recommend to a friend.

  • We can also help with identifying quality potential distribution channel partners.
  • We could help arrange meetings with potential buyers and channel partners.
  • Plus creating a highly effective Linkedin profile.

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