A brand that shaped our world…

An opportunity to licence the famous electrical consumer appliance trademark brand Rediffusion

Rediffusion, the UK consumer electronic trade mark famous for:

  1. 1st cable TV
  2. 1st Subscription media
  3. 1st E-commerce platform
  4. UK commercial TV company
  5. Innovative consumer electrical/electronic products & appliances
  6. Consumer entertainment systems
  7. Rediffusion has an impressive pedigree and a 90 year history in the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, Malta, Canada, Jersey and the Caribbean as examples.


Retro branding instills a sense of nostalgia in consumers

Nostalgia is an effective marketing strategy in an over-digitised society. Today’s desensitised consumer appreciates the warm, wholesome tone of ads that are reminiscent of simpler times.

What is a retro product?
An example is a modern product that adopts retro styling or a retro brand to make it look and feel different from similar products.

An example of retro brands that have been revived include Polaroid, Kodak, VW Beetle, BMW Mini, Star Wars, Ben Sherman shirts and Harley Davidson.

Retro Polaroid Camera

Rediffusion had over 13,000 UK employees and 2,800 overseas employees

Rediffusion was the trading name of Broadcast Relay Service Ltd, formed in 1928.

Rediffusion was once a multi-national conglomerate with over 170 branches in the UK and divisions worldwide.

The business expanded into a wide range of electronic and manufacturing companies including, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Computer Systems, Flight Simulation, Music and Recording,

Consumer electrical & electronics appliances including Television Manufacturing and by 1976 the Groups employed over 13,000 UK employees and 2800 overseas employees.

The name derived from re-diffusing or re-broadcasting audio signals via a wired network.

Rediffusion later branched out into manufacturing, renting and selling radios, cable receivers and televisions.

Rediffusion van

Hundreds of UK branches and offices throughout the world…

Over the years Rediffusion turned in to a multi-national conglomerate with over 170 UK branches and multiple divisions throughout the world, with the business expanding into a wide range of electronic and manufacturing companies, including telecommunications, computer systems, business electronics and television Manufacturing.

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